12 Cartoon Characters That 1,000% Grew Up To Be Lesbians

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They were born this way!!!

Hello, it is I, Lauren, a gay! And according to my extremely accurate gaydar, these cartoon characters are definitely lesbians. Deal with it!!

1. Ashley Spinelli from Recess


A beanie-for-all-seasons lesbian icon!!!!!! And before you say, “But she had a crush on TJ!!!” SO WHAT. In fifth grade, I had a “serious” boyfriend for five whole months. We held hands and I wrote him love letters on my family’s joint email account. Look at me now — gay! Anyway, Spinelli had a long coming out journey but finally made it. Now she and her girlfriend live together and she forges knives for fun.

2. Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold!


Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt!!!! Helga was a classic case of overcompensation. All young lesbians do it! But her obsession with Arnold practically vanished when a new girl named Gaby started at school. Then Helga discovered The L Word and started watching it in secret. It took years for her and her therapist to unpack the shrine she had in her closet.

3. Reggie from Rocket Power


Reggie is your classic skater lez!!!!! She didn’t ever officialy “come out,” she just started bringing around her “friend” Dani, and then it became pretty obvious what was happening. They started a joint TikTok account and gained lots of followers.

4. Numbuh Five from Codename Kids Next Door

Cartoon Network

Numbuh Five was a bit scared to come out to her friends, but when she did, her whole life changed. Then she met this gorgeous girl who started giving her lots of attention. Numbuh Five got all shy and nervous. Now they are the hottest couple and everyone wants to be them. They travel the world on a yacht.

5. Judy Funnie from Doug


After high school, Judy attended a liberal arts college, where she met her freshman year roommate, Talia. After a night of drinking dessert wine alone in their dorm room, they kissed! Judy drove home the next day to tell her family she was a lesbian. Her one-woman play I’m a Lesbian, Get Me Out of Here!!!!!!!!!!! won three Tony awards.

6. Angelica Pickles from Rugrats


After spending years bullying literal infants, Angelica looked deep inside herself and realized that she was a bully because she was fighting with her own truth. She then became a power lesbian, like her mother.

7. Sandy from SpongeBob SquarePants


YES, there are gay squirrels, and Sandy is one of them!!!!!! After years of spendng her life underwater, she returned to land and came out publicly. Then she became the first lesbian squirrel on the moon.

8. Oblina from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

Cartoon Network

Oblina was already a lesbian, we just didn’t realize it at the time. But she definitely shared a sewer with her lifetime partner Bethel. In her free time, she restored old motorcycles.

9. Lor from The Weekenders


A baby gay who just needed to find her way in this world. When Lor finally came out, her whole family was like, “Oh honey, we’ve known since you were 3!” Lor is a top.

10. Nicky Little from Pepper Ann


Nicki spent years harboring a crush on Pepper Ann but was too scared to tell her. Then one day, Pepper Ann and Nicki were hanging after school and Pepper told Nicky she thought she might be bisexual!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, Pepper Ann is bisexual. Nicky and Pepper dated throughout high school, then broke up. After a year of not speaking, Pepper reached out and they decided to be friends. Now they have double dates with their partners.

11. Courtney from As Told By Ginger


Call her what you want. A lipstick lesbian. A pillow princess. Extremely femme. Either way, she’s gay and her type is girls that look like Justin Bieber.

12. Debbie Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys


Flannels, baggy jeans? This girl was screaming GAY from birth. A classic angsty young lesbian who journals about one day just being understood. When she told her family she was gay, they literally didn’t care at all. She honestly was upset about how little they cared. All Eliza said was, “Well, we’re all homo…SAPIENS!!”

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