15 Times Famous Women Were Wrongfully Treated By The Media

“Billie Holiday comes to mind — read Trainwreck: The Women We Love to Hate, Mock, and Fear… by Sady Doyle if you want to learn why.”


Before she died of heart failure in July of 1959, Billie Holiday was constantly scrutinized for her weight loss and gain, her alcohol and drug abuse, and the deep trauma she went through as a young teenager working at a brothel — she’s always been regarded as a “tragic” figure, a narrative still going strong today. When the Daily News reported on her death (as seen in the image above), they did so in the most horrific way. They printed: “Death at 44 put blues singer Billie Holiday under the spotlight of world attention for the last time yesterday. [The] cops can give up, now — the police closed their books on Eleanora Fagan of 26 W. 87th Street. That was Billie’s legal name. Unofficially, it was accepted that dope, liquor, and hard living had worn out the striking body, the startling voice.”


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