17 “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Quizzes Every ~Die Hard~ Fan Should Take


F. Scott Schafer / NBC/BuzzFeed
NBC / BuzzFeed
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It’s the best of both worlds, baby! Are you more of a Melissa Fumero/Jake Peralta or Andy Samberg/Charles Boyle combo? Find out here.

BuzzFeed / NBC

This “would you rather” quiz is pretty impossible for Brooklyn Nine-Nine superfans, tbh. Can you do it? Give it a go here.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is full of iconic quotes, but do you remember who said them? Take the quiz here.

NBC / BuzzFeed
NBC / BuzzFeed

Calling all Parks and Rec fans! Are you a Rosa/April or more of a Leslie/Amy? Find out here.


Obsessed with all things Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Pick one thing for every letter of the alphabet and we’ll tell you which of these underrated characters you’re most like. Take the quiz here.


Are you a fan of Parks and Rec, The Good Place, AND Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Well, do we have a treat for you! Take the quiz here.

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