32 more star tortoises repatriated to TATR

THANE: After getting a positive feedback of 70 star tortoises being repatriated within the state, at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, another set of 32 star tortoises were sent by Thane forest department, on Wednesday.
Star tortoises were repatriated for the second time in less than two months to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.
Last month 70 star tortoises were repatriated to TATR, this was the first time that such initiative was taken within the state as earlier these tortoises were used to be sent to Karnataka.
“These 32 star tortoises were under the care of NGOs in Thane and Mumbai after they were rescued or were seized by us in illegal trades. We will continue such repatriations in the future too and send them to their natural habitat in TATR,” said Narendra Muthe, range forest officer (Thane).
Earlier the 70 star tortoises that were repatriated to Chandrapur, they were released in batches, first 21 were released and the rest were kept at the treatment transit centre there. The authorities stated that this batch was monitored and once it was confirmed that they were adapting, the rest were also released.
The star tortoises come under schedule IV of the wildlife protection act 1972 and one can be fined and or imprisoned up to three years if found in their possession.


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