Abid Dharamsey suggests e-commerce businesses to give zero chance to 4 digital marketing trends

Abid Dharamsey recently headed a youth conference in London, where he mentioned the dire need for smart and next-level digital marketing for e-commerce businesses. He clearly identified four digital marketing trends that businesses cannot ignore at any cost, or the cost of it could be daunting.

“Digital marketing can be more than challenging for e-commerce businesses in 2021 and onwards”, said Abid Dharamsey of Bison Creations, one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in UK and US. “If businesses do not take care of the three fundamental trends this year, they may pay a heavy cost”, he told the media.

Niche Competition is Not Enough!

Ecommerce businesses have been practising niche competition and exceeding their competitor’s strategy for more than a decade. However, Abid Dharamsey believes that emerging digital marketing trends can put businesses on a collision course if they continue to talk turkey. “In the post-pandemic world, both online buying and buyer’s behaviours have drastically changed. Ecommerce businesses need to dig deeper into their digital marketing strategies to survive the changing climate and booming e-commerce industry.”

The Four Fundamentals to Stay Competitive

For an absolute digital marketing strategy that would head-start any e-commerce business, Abid Dharamsey mentioned these four fundamentals.

Online Brand Reputation

“97% first-time customers check online reviews before trusting a business. In 2020 alone, around a quarter of the world population shopped online. The global e-commerce assets soar up to 4 trillion. With statistics so clear, there is no reason an e-commerce business would skip working on online reputation management or take it with a grain of salt”, said Abid Dharamsey while talking to the young entrepreneurs.

He also said that it is crucial for brands to devise a crystal-clear online brand reputation management strategy that deals with fake reviews, negative ratings, trolling, and other factors that may harm a brand’s digital identity.

Responsive Web Design

A majority of the online shoppers used small screen devices, like mobile phones to purchase goods last year. According to Abid Dharamsey, responsive web design

has been around for several years, but now it has become a need and not just a choice for e-commerce businesses.

“65% of customers bounce back from checkout screens. One of the key factors is unresponsive website design – which leaves the spaces incontrollable for users. Let’s be fair. Not all users shopping from your website would be tech-savvy”, Abid Dharamsey clarified.


“Would you ever build a house without digging the solid foundation and setting up the pillars?”, asked Abid Dharamsey. He further elaborated that backlinking is like the foundation and pillars of your house, and Google puts serious emphasis on backlinking alongside other optimization elements. Backlinking maximizes brand exposure and provides a concrete base in terms of business reliability and credibility for the customers.

Content Diversification

Maintaining the attention span of the website visitors has become extremely challenging. With more and more options in the market, the customers can easily switch from one tab to another, or close our website tab if they find lots of text to read. The refuge exists in content diversification.

“In fact, more and more social media platforms are embracing content diversification. Instagram’s Reel is an example. For effective digital marketing, e-commerce businesses need to keep the customers hooked to their webpages to initiate a purchase process. Onsite brand ads, infographic, research pyramids, or just image reels – all have the potential to make your customers stay”, Abid Dharamsey emphasized the need for diversified content.

The market demands are changing and becoming more challenging every day. To survive the global competition in the e-commerce industry, businesses can thrive with effective digital marketing and a customer-oriented digital presence.

About the Company

Bison Creations is one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in London. Started as a social media management agency by Abid Dharamsey, Bison Creations has now become a full-service digital agency with an expert professional in each department. The company helps businesses thrive in the digital space with data-driven solutions for online brand reputation management, SEO, social media management, content writing, content marketing, and more.



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