Amna Ilyas claps back after internet trolls body shame her over attire

Pakistani actress Amna Ilyas clapped back at moral police after her recent post on Instagram saw her receive body shaming comments.

The Baaji star had shared photos of herself draped in a saree which featured a deep neckline, eliciting moral police to school her on her attire.

“I had to rewrite my caption because I’m tired of thinking why my cleavage is the only thing being discussed in the comments.”

“You all don’t like my hair and makeup, gajra, earrings, or the embroidery on the blouse?” she asked.

She also took to her Instagram Story to call out the trolls.

“There are so many reoccurring calamities in the world; poverty, rape, child abuse, wars, domestic violence, the list goes on. But it’s hilarious that my cleavage has topped them all.”

“Our nation needs to focus on real issues instead of body parts.”


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