Bank holiday March 2021: Banks to remain closed for 5 days in this month, here’s the dates

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has listed out the days that banks will remain closed in March 2021.

The banks will remain closed for 5 days in the month of March. 

Reserve Bank of India places its Holidays under three brackets –Holiday under Negotiable Instruments Act; Holiday under Negotiable Instruments Act and Real Time Gross Settlement Holiday; and Banks’ Closing of Accounts.

It is to be noted that bank holidays vary in various states, and it also not observed by all the banking companies. It also depends on festivals being observed in specific states or notification of specific occasions in those states.

Holidays of the mentioned days will be observed in various regions according to the state declared holidays, however for the gazetted holidays, banks will be closed all over the country.

Here is the list of bank holidays falling in the month of March 2021:

Chapchar Kut: March 5

Mahashivratri (Maha Vad-13): March 11

Bihar Divas: March 22

Holi (Second Day) – Dhuleti/Yaosang 2nd Day: March 29

Holi: March 30

Customers are advised to plan their bank-related work accordingly, in order to avoid any last-minute trouble.


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