Delhi reports highest turnout for Covid shots

NEW DELHI: Delhi reported the highest number of individuals turning out to get the Covid shots with 26,110 healthcare workers and frontline workers getting the jab on Saturday.
For the last two days, more than 24,000 individuals were getting the shots which has further surged. The total percentage turnout was 85.8% and the total target of vaccination was 30,400 across 304 vaccination centres.
The vaccination coverage is likely to further increase as the Delhi government is going to conduct mop-up round of vaccination from February 21 to 25 to inoculate all healthcare workers who have been left out of the vaccination process due to hesitancy or any other reason.
A total of 24,321 individuals including healthcare workers and frontline workers got the shots on Friday. The turnout percentage was 80.8% on Friday which surged by more than five percent.
An official said the total turnout was pushed due to surge in the number of healthcare workers turning out for the shots. It may have been influenced by the Delhi government decision to allow healthcare personnel working in Delhi government facilities not to report to work on the day they are vaccinated and they will be considered ‘on duty’ on submission of vaccination proof.
A total of 5,688 healthcare workers got the shots on Saturday as compared to 5,241 the day before and the number of healthcare workers getting the second dose sharply shot up. 4,351 healthcare workers got the second dose as compared to only 1,790 who got it the day before.
The government took the decision considering that the beneficiaries may have to travel to designated vaccination centres for the shots and they may experience mild pain at the injection site besides mild body ache and fever (in few cases). It makes it non-feasible for them to report for work on the day of vaccination.
Among the three groups currently being vaccinated – healthcare workers receiving first dose and healthcare workers receiving second dose and frontline workers — the highest number of individuals turning out for vaccination was frontline workers. 16071 frontline workers got the shots as compared to 17290 a day before.
In the last one week the coverage of vaccination is growing very fast. The number of vaccination centres has been increased significantly to give a push to the coverage which was slow during the initial days. So far 2,84,891 individuals have been vaccinated in the capital – 131854 healthcare workers and 153037 frontline workers.
The confidence of people on the vaccine is growing very fast with only a negligible number of beneficiaries reporting adverse events. The adverse events have been minor in nature and experts say the adverse events are similar in nature to those associated with all kinds of vaccinations. Across the 11 districts only 13 adverse events were reported, and authorities said all of them were of minor nature. No adverse event was reported among those who got the second dose of vaccine, according to a government report.


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