Fishmongers’ Hall terror attacker ‘revealed fake vest’


ishmongers’ Hall terror attacker Usman Khan was shot dead by armed police after pulling his coat over his head to reveal a fake suicide vest, an inquest has heard.

Khan, 28, was pinned down on London Bridge by members of the public armed with a narwhal tusk, a decorative pike, and a fire extinguisher, after he had killed two people and stabbed three others in a five-minute rampage through the historic City of London hall.

At their inquests today, DCI Dan Brown said armed officers had started to pull back members of the public from the area around Khan when they spotted the suspected improvised explosive vest. Khan was Tasered and then shot in two bursts by officers, writhing around on the ground before eventually his movements stopped.

Yesterday jurors saw footage of Khan sitting at the same table as Ms Jones at that day’s Learning Together event, less than two hours before he stabbed her in the neck. Mr Merritt, a course coordinator for the educational organisation, was pictured delivering a speech to delegates including Khan who — unknown to others — already had the fake suicide vest strapped to his body.

During a mid-afternoon break, Khan made final preparations for the attack in a toilet cubicle and strapped a kitchen knife inscribed with an “Allah” symbol to each wrist. He first stabbed Mr Merritt in the toilets, then stabbed Ms Jones in the neck as she checked her coat into the cloakroom.

The nine-week inquest continues.


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