Five ways to manage vitiligo; check it out here

When someone suffers from vitiligo, the pigment in the concerned area of the skin is lost. Diabetes Educator Rashi Chowdhary shared in an Instagram post that “vitiligo is a genetic autoimmune disorder. But there are triggers in our environment that cause those genes to express. Managing the condition is possible once the genes are expressed.”

She explained five easy ways to help you manage the condition.

Vitiligo is often caused among people who have low glutathione levels. Glutathione is an important component which helps fight free radicals and heavy metals in the body. Chowdhary said: “Glutathione is a master antioxidant and is important for detoxification and DNA methylation (the process to remove toxins from the body)”.

Whenever your body has an abnormal process of removing toxins, it starts reacting and “this is where one’s genetic predisposition comes in”.

The process of methylation is important and different for every kind of body. “If your genes are coded for vitiligo, you will experience vitiligo. If you carry a gene for lupus, you may get that. If you carry a gene for breast cancer, you may find yourself scheduling mammography. Everyone’s methylation pattern/level is different,” she further explained.

One must, however, remember vitiligo is not the cause of poor lifestyle choices. According to Chowdhary, even if you have a genetic predisposition for certain diseases, you can manage your genes even after they have expressed (as in the development of vitiligo or another autoimmune disease) through a nutrient-rich diet, supplements, detoxification, lifestyle changes and more.

  • Sit in the sun for at least 30 minutes without applying a sunscreen. Instead of that, use essential oils which are rich in Quercetin.
  • Make sure you add supplements “such as zinc, vitamin D, B-vitamins (including extra B-12 methylcobalamin, correct fish oil, and probiotics”.
  • Do get regular shots of glutathione IVs.
  • Cut down on dairy, sugar or gluten strictly. Chowdhary said: “This is non-negotiable. Occasionally is ok but really minimizing will help.”
  • Lastly, cut down your usage of chemically-loaded cosmetics and toiletries.

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