Kaia Gerber eulogises “super mom” Cindy Crawford on 55th birthday

American model and actress Kaia Gerber celebrated the 55th birthday of her supermodel mother Cindy Crawford with an “I love you” message for her mom, who she calls a “super mom” and her “style twin.”

Cindy Crawford celebrates her birthday on February 20.

Sharing a throwback image of her mom on Instagram, Crawford’s 19-year-old daughter wrote an adorable note, “Happy birthday beautiful mama.”

To the person who always makes me do a double take, the woman who gets more beautiful every year, and the mother I can only hope to be like one day.”

The teen star also shared some glamorous pictures of her mom on Instagram Story. “And she’s even MORE beautiful on the INSIDE!!!!” the loving daughter concluded.

Celebrating her resemblance with her mother in an essay for Vogue’s November 2019 issue, courteous Kaia Gerber had said it is “the biggest compliment” to be compared to her mother, Cindy Crawford.

“From day one, people in the industry were often taken aback by my resemblance to my mom,” she wrote. “As I get older, it happens even more, and it’s not just a visual thing: It’s everything from our mannerisms to our voices.”

“Beyond her beauty and obvious appeal, she has always been my hero and my role model because of the way she treats people and the lens that she sees the world through, and that’s something for which I’m beyond grateful,” she added.


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