Mumbai: Man pushes woman in front of moving train after she refuses to marry him

A man in Mumbai pushed a woman in front of a moving train after she refused to marry him.

Fortunately, the woman survived, but she received serious head injuries and was given 12 stitches.

The man has been identified as Sumedh Jadhav, a resident of Wadala. The incident happened at Mumbai’s Khar railway station on Friday evening.

According to India Today, the man reportedly chased the woman as she boarded a train from Andheri station to Khar. She called her mother to Khar railway station to get help.

After She disembarked from the train at Khar, the accused followed her and her mother at the station. He then confronted them there and told the woman that she has to marry him.

When she refused to marry him, the man allegedly threatened to kill himself.

The police stated that in a fit of rage he dragged the woman and pushed her into the gap between the moving train and platform. After pushing her, he fled the scene. 

“He dragged the woman and started to push her into the gap between the moving train and platform. The woman’s mother tried her best to save her daughter. The woman has sustained head injuries. The accused escaped from the spot,” India Today quoted the senior police inspector Vijay Chaugule said.

The woman and accused got to know each other two years back when they both were working at the same place. They shared a good friendship. Lately, the woman came to know that accused is an alcoholic. She distanced herself from him. However, he continued disturbing her. The woman had also made some complaint against him but he kept following her.” he added.

The woman is a resident of Khar in Mumbai.

Based on the ground intelligence, the police were able to arrest him within 12 hours.

The woman has been discharged from the hospital after receiving 12 stitches on the head.


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