Discover holistic healing with Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Consultation

Get the root cause diagnosed & treat it !!

Consult our Expert Ayurvedic Doctor from Kerala with 16 years of experience to understand your body type, the root cause of your disease and get it treated through the most Authentic & natural way.  

Online Consultation

Get a detailed consultation for around 60 minutes either through Video call or Audio call to know your body type, the root cause of the disease you are suffering from, how to prevent the further progression and what Ayurveda can do to cure your illness. A customized treatment plan will be provided and simple treatments that can be followed will be suggested.

Trieka's Veda Diet

Ayurvedic Diet is a customized diet based on your body type and your health problems. It is completely based on the Ayurvedic concepts like viruddha ahara (wrong food combinations), satmya asatmya (Compatible & incompatible food), Desha (Place of living) , Kaala (Climate) & Bala (Strength) of the patient is considered before giving a diet plan.

Experience holistic healing with Ayurveda.

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