Police play Cupid, solemnize marriage of runaway couple

Jhansi: It was an unusual scene at the city Kotwali on Saturday when a young couple arrived with a complaint stating they both are adults, had got married at an Arya Samaj temple and want to live together but were still being opposed and threatened by their parents.
Satisfied by the statement of the couple, Surendra and Nandani, police decided to get them married again, but this time at the police station itself. Garlands were brought and all the police personnel attended the ceremony, acting as relatives of both the sides. While the couple exchanged the garlands, one of the police personnel who was well-versed with ‘mantras’ played the role of priest and recited the ‘mantras’ and made them perform the rituals as solemnized during marriage in the traditional way.
In the meantime, the mother of the bride rushed to the police station to oppose and tried to stop the marriage but was made to sit aside. She was later counselled by police not to interfere in the life of the couple as they are adults and have the right to choose their partner.
Nandani, the bride, said she is in relationship with Surendra for the past three years, but their relationship was being opposed by their parents. They had even got married in an Arya Samaj temple, but their families still refused to accept them.
The groom Surendra said they were forced to take help of police as he was being constantly threatened by Nandani’s parents to leave her.
SO Kotwali, Devesh Shukla said, “Since both of them are adults, they have the right to live together. Police just helped the couple.”


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