Revealed: Reason behind Uttar Pradesh ‘chaat sellers’ brawl with stick and rods

Only a few hours after a brawl among “chaat seller” in Uttar Pradesh’s Bagpath went viral on social media, that left 12 injured and eight in police custody, the man at the centre of events revealed what actually transpired that day. 

Herendra, affectionately called Chacha, said that he was ‘undeniably peeved’ because a rival ‘chaat’ seller was telling people that he sold stale food items. “I will tolerate anything but not if one casts aspersions on the business. I have been here for years and people travel long distance for ‘Uncle ji ki chaat’,” he said as quoted by IANS.

“They kept drawing my customers away…they kept telling them to come to our shop, his food is last night’s…The customers would return my chaat,” Harendra said according to ANI.

“They did this four or five times”. He made these remarks before his arrest.

The clips of the video that left netizens in a tizzy showed a frizzy red-haired portly man who is seen in the brawl giving it as much as he got it – a kick for a kick and a hit for a hit. The two groups, armed with iron rods and sticks, had brutally beaten up each other on the road. 

The video clips of the brawl in Baraut that went viral on the social media show  The ‘chaat’ brawl ended in the police station where the warring groups were seated alongside without showing any signs of hostility that was evident earlier.

The bizarre fight continued for about 20 minutes before it was stopped. The video recording of the incident later went viral on social media.

(With agency inputs)


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