Teen’s heroic 20km ride to save mate

Despite being injured himself, the teen went to extraordinary lengths to look after his mate after the pair crashed their motocross bikes.

A teenager has gone to extraordinary lengths to save the life of his injured mate, riding 20km with a broken leg to get help.

Three boys were motocross riding on a dirt track south of Mount Isa, in outback Queensland, on Sunday when two of them crashed.

One of the teens was knocked unconscious in the accident, while another suffered a broken leg.

The two conscious boys moved their mate into the shade to protect him from the sun.

The friend with the broken leg then decided to travel the 20km into town to get help.

After waiting two hours with his unconscious mate, the third boy decided to also ride to the main road to track down a passer-by.

It was then that he was located by emergency services, who had started a search.

The RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter, already in the air, followed the boy back to the scene.

The teen who was knocked unconscious was also found to have two broken wrists, while he and his friend were both treated for dehydration.

They were flown to Mount Isa Hospital in stable conditions.


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