The Vigil is ‘different’ from other horror flicks

The 2019’s horror release The Vigil is a straightforward but effective and ‘different’ movie as it is based on a specific faith tradition.

Coming up with a simple horror thriller, writer-director Keith Thomas tried to give a fresh look to it by creating a Jewish setting in the flick executive produced by Jason Blum under his Blumhouse Productions banner.

The movie is set in the Jewish community settled in Borough Park, Brooklyn – a place where they live absolutely detached from the outer world. Not just that, to add originality to the movie, characters are seen speaking Yiddish – a language historically spoken by the Ashkenazi Jews.

Most of The Vigil was filmed inside a house where the protagonist, Yakov Ronen (Dave Davis), is seen spending time with a body of a local Holocaust survivor who has just died.

The film cast includes Dave Davis, Lynn Cohen, Malky Goldman and Menashe Lustig. Originally premiered in 2019, the movie is scheduled to be screen in the US on Friday, February 26 in select theatres and on VOD.


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