Uproar over bizarre X-rated detail in jeans

From the back they look like any normal pair of ladies jeans but the X-rated cut out detail in the front has left many people baffled.

A pair of blue jeans has caused confusion on social media with a mum asking, “What the heck are these?”

The trendy straight-leg blue jeans look great from the back but when the front is shown they reveal an X-rated surprise.

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The cut out detail means the jeans are pretty much crotchless, with the front of the model’s undies completely in display.

From the brand SHEIN, which distributes to Australia, they’re are on sale for $30.95 and are described by company as “high waist cut out straight leg jeans”. But some women on social media were questioning whether the cut out was entirely appropriate.

“Came up during a FB scroll on clothes website Shein,” one mum wrote in a post to Mumsnet.

“Amongst many questions I have – do you wear underwear underneath an ‘outside’ pair or do you just display your knicks? If someone could enlighten me, I’d really appreciate it! I feel so old and unfashionable (I’m 29!).”

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The comments on the post were varied with one person saying, “They are interesting I suppose”, and another adding, “It looks like something Little Mix would wear.”

While others didn’t see how the pants were practical or fashionable.

“Oh, Christ. The amount of hair removal required would be unholy,” one said.

Another wrote, “If this is fashion now I’m very happy to be too old for it!”

Maybe the jeans could be paired with an equally bizarre pair of $470 denim hotpants from Paris brand Y/Project.

They hit the headlines in March 2019 are were described by one woman as the “ugliest thing I have ever seen in my life”.

While the crotchless jeans may not be to everyone’s taste, there is one good thing they have going for them – pockets.



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